A dear friend of mine—a member of my hometeam—uses this phrase when she’s done with a big meal. She puts her fork down and utters the word with a deep breath of exasperation. Dismount. She’s all done. She’s had enough. This meal is over, she’s had her fill. What I love is that this doesn’t … Continue reading Dismount.


“Enjoy the last moments of the first quarter of your life!” These are the words my roommate said to me as she left the living room and went to sleep last night, the night before my 26th birthday. Thus ensued a small moment of shock and panic—my very last moments of the first quarter of … Continue reading 26

Made Brave

On October 6th, I wrote this little blurb as a note in my phone. That happens on occasion, if I find myself without a paper and pen, and with words bubbling up in me that need a place to call home. They find that home in my phone, and are typically forgotten and left behind. But … Continue reading Made Brave